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Recent Entries 
5th-May-2011 03:18 am - Hmmmm.
    Well I'm in an oddly more chipper mood tonight. Bi-Polar disorder possibly? Ironic I should say that my sister told me I was today.  

    I'm in a "I wish I had some type of talent so I could be really creative" type of mood tonight. I wish I could write and preform music, it's just so amazing the things people can do with instruments and their voices. How they can get out everything they are feeling though those delightful vibrations of sound.  Well that was about all I wanted to post. Ive given up on posting about guys, I've declared done-ness and am now looking into local convents and/or cat shelters.  It's 3:30 AM here, My plans are to pee and sleep.  

P.S. I'd for like anyone who reads this to check out Alexz Johnson, I know she's from a TV show and all, but her music is kind of amazing. I'll post a link when I'm more awake.
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