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7th-Apr-2011 03:08 am
  I'm in a much better mood today then I was yesterday, cleaned my room, sorted my dresser, and organized my closet. I got a lot done today. I still didn't do school, but shoot me I'm a teenager, and it's homeschooling. I'm staying up late so I can wake my Dad up for work at 4. It's been pretty boring. 

  I went out to Tagged, it's a social networking site for mostly just teens where you can go and flirt with complete strangers. Some of the guys are really sweet and I definitely have my favorites.

  I've also kind of decided what I want to do with my life, I want to help people. I've always wanted to be a social worker, but now I'm leaning more towards working in other countries, like peace corps or missionary work. There is a slight problem with both those ideas though, you have to go to college for 4 years in order to get in the peace corps, and I'm not very religious so missionary work doesn't fit me that great. Hopefully though I'll find a program that I can get into soon and that works for me so I can start helping people. If you ask me it seems silly to pay thousands of dollars in tuition to go to college to help people, when you could just save that money and take it with you to help your cause.
  Why is it when you have to stay up late do you suddenly feel so tired? Any other night I'm wide awake even with sleep aids, but tonight I HAVE to stay up and I may as well be crawling around saying "Braaaaiiiinnnnssss bbbrrrrrrraaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnns I want to eat your brains" I am that tired. 

  Part of my good mood is that I've decided to try and fast tomorrow, if that goes well there will be another pleasant post like this, if not, well there will be a post like the few before this one. i'm actually very proud of myself for keep up on this the way I have. It's not like anyone is reading it but still, who knows maybe someday some one will, I just hope it's not anyone I've bad mouthed on here. That could get very bad. 

  Another reason I could be in such a good mood is I've managed to ignore that one friend of mine that I mentioned before, she calls me over EVERY little thing in her life, it gets so annoying, but oh well. I think that is all for tonight.

Have a Word:  Benevolent-characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings

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