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October 26th, 2012 
 This whole Amanda Todd Anti-Bullying movement is annoying as fuck. You see, I was never bullied in High School, I never gave enough of a damn about my peers to be bullied.  Don't get me wrong, a few people tried and my response was always along the lines of "I'm sorry, am I supposed to give a flying fuck about your opinion of me?" You see, after that retort, no body really had much to say to me, I mean how can you insult some body who values your opinion about as much as a visually impaired person values visual art.  That's what's wrong with these kids today, their fed the 'poor me bullshit' from the start, they're all a bunch of self-pitying little pussies, who over value the opinions of people they're only going to a few years with. These kids go out act like fucking morons, and then expect their mistakes to not haunt them, their not living in the real world I'm sorry, would you call an unwed mother with 9 kids by 9 different Dad's a saint or angel? I didn't think so, you'd call her loose, a whore, ect. That woman however though will most likely at some point in her life realize, yeah I've made mistakes, but oh well nothing I can do now, but change the way I'm living. So why does world tell these kids it's the rest of the world's fault and they shouldn't have to face any shit for their actions, why is some teenage girl who slept around, got fucked up on drugs and alcohol, and flashed her tits the poster child at the moment for "Anti-Bully Movement?" For those of you've who've read my blog before, yeah I do some of that shit, but if any one were to bring it up to me, I'd look them in the face and say, "Yes I did do that, it was fun, have a nice day!"  because I know how to face my actions and put my big girl panties on.      

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely unsympathetic to the bullied youth, I believe there are some genuine kids who do not  deserve to be bullied, but that's a pretty short list, it basically consist  of the mentally challenged, medically challenged(kids with diseases that cause weight gain/lose and other physical issues.) and the poor because lets face it's not their fault their were born into a shitty poverty ridden economy. Those kids, I actually stood up for and befriended, but I will not under any circumstances stand up for or feel sorry for these whiny little brats that bring the bullying upon themselves because their fucking dumb asses. 
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